This is Concilia Retail Property

Concilia Retail Property was established 2012. Concilia is a real estate company that invest, develop and perform asset management of retail properties in Norway and Sweden. Year end 2022, Concilia owned/co-owned approx. 32.000 sqm retail properties in Norway and Sweden, with a total development potential of gross approx.113.000 sqm.


Concilia's vision is to be a creative and innovative developer of retail property in Norway and Sweden.

Concilia's strategy is to own, develop and preform asset management of retail property in Norway and Sweden. The company invests primarily in properties with development potential.

Our approach
Concilia's long-term objective is to become a leading player in Norway and Sweden to own, develop and preform asset management of retail property.

Collaborate with us

Concilia is always searching for purchase or cooperation on retail properties suitable for development:

•  Do you want to map the development potential of your retail property?

•  Do you want a partner with high expertise participating on equal terms financially?

•  Do you own a retail property that does not function well?

Concilia invests in development projects in commercial real estate in Norway and Sweden. Each of our investments has its own defined strategy and mission. This enables Concila to be sole owner, or organize joint projects with external investors.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal dialogue.


Conceptor Eiendom AS - 47,5%
Investment company established in 1995. In addition to the investment in Concilia Retail Property, the company owns a variety of properties and projects, including active ownership in Bratsberg AS and Exsentra Eiendom AS.

Pett Invest AS - 18,7 %
Investment company established in the 1990s by the founders of the supermarket chain; KIWI. The owners have a solid knowledge of business development and retail, including retail properties. The company owns approx. 6 % of the shares in NorgesGruppen AS.

Joh. Johannson Handel AS - 18,7 %
Investment company in the Johannson Group. Financial investments in both retail and real estate.

Stabekk Eiendom AS - 15,3 %
Investment company owned by Christen Bakke. The company is focused on management and investments in real estate.

Annual report

See our annual report 2023 here.